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CyberStrong’s Cybersecurity Dashboard Capabilities – Security Boulevard

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CyberStrong dashboards allow security professionals to aggregate and consolidate data into useful, presentable, easy-to-understand images that visualize cybersecurity posture in real-time. Leaders can see program data from a single pane of glass without relying on disparate reporting functions by taking an integrated risk management approach to cyber security risk management. With a centralized location for cybersecurity program data, security teams can distill real-time risk information and utilize assessment, governance, and executive data visualizations. 

Dashboarding has many more advantages for a security operation, such as tracking progress from a baseline after implementing a security program, identifying gaps and reprioritizing investments, modeling cyber risk scenarios, and enabling conversation within the business. 

With CyberStrong’s dashboards, CISOs can confidently enter leadership conversations and communicate the impact of security on the business to garner investment and interest. After all, integrating business and security is the main goal – utilize these AI-powered dashboards to bolster cyber reporting and proactive management. 

Learn more about CyberSaint’s Governance, Executive, and Assessment dashboards at the links below.
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