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CYBERPOL, the International Cyber Security Organization ICSO, said that illegal and harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users are increasing at alarming and disturbing rates.

It urged Google and other large search engines to take responsibility and be aware that any vehicle providing such harmful contemned is not immune to public prosecutions.

The Press office of CYBERPOL said that there is always the possibility of international private prosecutions should any state fail to uphold the rights of civil protection when the consumers are being exposed to internet content that could be harmful capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users especially that of children. It added that its willing to take the steps to facilitate such private prosecutions if necessary.

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CYBERPOL indicated at its press conference that it noticed a strong increase in anti-Semitic websites and that the responsibility of government don’t rest with the government but the prosecuting authority of that government. It said that the lack of action from several international governments could bring unwanted results and a strong co-ordinated effort internationally is necessary to fight these problems. Policing can’t fight these problems on its own and public-private partnerships is necessary to safeguard the internet in the future.

Recent data indicates that most children today is exposed to free internet use and there is very little protection for them once on the world wide web.
“It the duty to protect the young and failing to do so could result in breading radicalism and victims of online crime”. CYBERPOL said.

The FBI recently announced that ISIS is recruiting children in the USA using the internet. This is past wake up time and many believe that this can’t be fixed. CYBERPOL warned that the slow progress of government could increase the problems and effect the new generations support in law enforcement, and that out could potentially become a breeding ground for radicalism.

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