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Published on February 12th, 2016 📆 | 5847 Views ⚑


CrackMapExecWin – The great CrackMapExec tool compiled for Windows
The great CrackMapExec tool compiled for Windows


  • Latest 2.2 version
  • Compiled for x86 so should work on x86 and x64 platforms
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  1. Download the whole archive
  2. Extract it and run crackmapexec.exe
  3. Profit

Older versions

Disclaimer & licence

  • Do not use it for illegal purposes
  • I don't own anything on the CrackMapExec brand
  • Last but not least, antivirus softwares might report some binaries as hacktools or even malwares: this is a known and common issue. If you don't trust this compilation:
    1. Just don't download it.
    2. Compile it yourself with that tutorial

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Download CrackMapExecWin

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