Featured City council weighs buying more technology to fight crime

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City council weighs buying more technology to fight crime


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah City Council is set to vote on the purchase of new software to help law enforcement combat and respond to crime more efficiently. 

“And this platform will assist SPD (Savannah Police Department) with case management which will enhance SPD’s ability to identify, track, apprehend, people and vehicles associated with criminal activity,” Savannah Mayor Van Johnson said at his weekly press conference.

The city plans to purchase software from a company called “brief camera” totaling $149,000.

The software would be applied to 100 cameras around the city and is designed to help officers and investigators analyze hours of footage in minutes. 

“We’ve been working on, you know how iPhones will increase and they perform and have better high levels of capability,” Johnson said. “The latest version provides for more bells and whistles.”

This software will help enhance and distinguish people, pieces of clothing, license plates, color, and even the make of vehicles. It will enable law enforcement to respond to critical situations faster. 

“Again, our goal is to make sure we have the best and latest technology,” Johnson said. “It’ll also allow us to be able to do crime fighting in real-time. And so again capabilities, better software, better version and more effectiveness.”

The mayor also noted this is the last week for the public to weigh in on what they want to see in the city’s next police chief. To give your input, click or tap here.

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