Featured Celent launches VendorMatch Select technology partner tool

Published on September 22nd, 2022 📆 | 8345 Views ⚑


Celent launches VendorMatch Select technology partner tool


Celent, a global financial technology research and advisory firm, announced the launch of its new VendorMatch Select tool. The recent addition to Celent's VendorMatch platform accelerates the process of researching technology products and partners for insurance companies.

"The typical selection process for a financial services system takes weeks and sometimes even months, requiring a huge investment of time and resources, delaying the ability to get started on strategic initiatives. That's too long in today's world," says Jamie Macgregor, CEO of Celent, in a press release statement. "Celent's VendorMatch Select accelerates the shortlisting stage of this process from several weeks of online research, telephone calls and briefings down into just a few minutes, allowing financial institutions more time to focus their energy on innovation and fresh market intelligence."

Subscriptions to the VendorMatch Select tool are required, and access is only available to insurance companies. VendorMatch Select enables insurers and financial institutions to directly connect with or compare vendors, filter criteria for specific technology or service needs, and access request for information (RFI) data all within the same streamlined platform in a process that takes less than an hour to complete. Users may download vendor profiles and data, which can include information on vendors' technology products and offerings, consumer information, and geographic significance. 

Subscription tiers for Celent's VendorMatch Select are categorized by single users, divisions of product teams or group, and enterprises for an unlimited number of users; tiered subscriptions provide users with access to unlimited data to vendor technology products, system data visualization, and also access to the VendorMatch short-listing engine.    

VendorMatch also includes a VendorMatch Discovery option, which offers access to data on insurance technology for general, life and health, and property and casualty insurance solutions; offerings also include information on "capital markets, wealth and asset management, banking (corporate and retail), risk management and compliance, and IT services, consulting, and outsourcing," according to the news release. Similar to the VendorMatch Select, users of the VendorMatch Discovery can manage and filter selections of the vendor database. 

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