Featured CATL, IAT, GECKO Technology team up on skateboard chassis, EV battery swapping

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CATL, IAT, GECKO Technology team up on skateboard chassis, EV battery swapping

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On Nov. 18, CATL signed a framework agreement with IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. ("IAT"), a Beijing-headquartered automobile design company, and Shenzhen GECKO New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. ("GECKO Technology") to conduct a strategic cooperation in skateboard chassis, new energy vehicle (NEV) business, electric vehicle (EV) battery swapping, and other fields, according to an announcement from IAT.

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Under the agreement, CATL will cooperate with IAT and GECKO Technology on NEV businesses (including but not limited to the NEVs based on the extendibility of skateboard chassis). IAT will provide its design service for the NEVs manufactured by GECKO Technology.

Per the agreement, CATL will team up with the two partners on battery swapping business. To be specific, the battery giant will offer its complete battery swapping solutions to both IAT and GECKO Technology.

The transaction has taken effect since Nov. 18, 2022 and will expire at the end of Dec. 31, 2026.

Established in 2007, IAT features main businesses including the R&D of complete vehicle, design and manufacturing of advanced core automotive parts, NEV development, etc.

GECKO Technology has built an industry-leading skateboard chassis development team in China, which has multiple domestic and foreign experts boasting experience of technology innovation, skateboard chassis design and development, and advanced management. Notably, it has IAT as one of its shareholders, according to the corporate information platform Tianyancha.

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