Featured CASPR Technologies to disinfect air and surfaces on PVTA buses

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CASPR Technologies to disinfect air and surfaces on PVTA buses


Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction (CASPR) Technologies will begin to disinfect the air and surfaces on Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) buses using its CASPR Transit model, which is specifically designed for buses and trains.

PVTA installed the technology on all 189 buses in its fleet in June. The unobtrusive units are installed in the front and the rear of all buses, and window decals with a QR code will be placed in the window near the front doors to provide passengers with information about the continuously working technology and how it works.

“CASPR’s technology gives our passengers more peace of mind knowing the air and surfaces inside the buses are continuously being disinfected,” said Brandy Pelletier, manager of marketing, advertising and public relations at PVTA. “We believe that since passengers can see CASPR Transit aboard our buses, they will feel more confident in their choice to use public transportation.”

Since its founding in 2016, CASPR Technologies’ solutions have worked to ensure the air that is being breathed in is the safest it can be. Its award-winning, patent pending NCC technology proactively and continuously disinfects indoor air and surfaces at the molecular level by converting water and oxygen in the air into low, safe, yet effective levels of hydrogen peroxide, which are dispersed continuously throughout the air and onto surfaces.

CASPR has been proven to destroy 99.96 percent of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces. Recent independent studies have concluded the technology provided by CASPR is more than twice as effective as any competing technology.

“Our technology was created to serve the medical industry, but we soon found it was just as effective in other industries, including public transportation, where it can not only disinfect the air and surfaces, but eliminate odors often found on buses and in trains,” said CASPR CEO/CTO and inventor Dr. Christophe Suchy.

New Hampshire-based Environmental Disinfection Solutions (EDS) was instrumental in placing the CASPR Transit units aboard PVTA’s buses.

“We applaud PVTA in taking the lead in providing a safer environment for its bus riders,” said Ken McCarthy, president of EDS. “Having real-world results makes it easy to be passionate about CASPR’s technology, and how it helps keep our people and indoor spaces safe.” 

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