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Published on August 6th, 2012 📆 | 7218 Views ⚑


Blazer – AMF Testing Made Easy

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Blazer is a custom AMF messages generator with fuzzing capabilities, developed as Burp Suite plugin. It is designed and implemented to make AMF testing easy, and yet allows researchers to control fully the entire security testing process. Using Blazer, testing AMF-based applications is easier and more robust. As it is highly integrated in a well-known testing suite, web security practitioners can start to use the tool with minimal setup in few seconds.


- Automatic Java objects generation from method signatures via Java reflection and "best-fit" heuristics
- Fuzzing capabilities, with customizable data pools and attack vectors
- Ability to start, pause, restore and stop testing
- Easy-to-use internal methods to construct custom AMF messages
- Embedded BeanShell for manual testing
- Highly integrated in Burp Suite
- Support for Java server-side remoting technologies

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Video demo usage :

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