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All About Blackshades , How to check your system is infected

FBI already catching up the hackers who use Blackshades or RAT (Remote Access Tool,) more than 100 users of Blackshades have been already arrested by the FBI.

But how you would came to know–You are one of the victim of Blackshades or someone is watching you while you are accessing some personal information on your computer, Don’t worry Sit Back Nd Relax, we will tell you.

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Blackshades Remote Access Tool was a $40 piece of software that has infected more than 700,000 computers worldwide and most of them in the United States of America. This is a software which can be used by a novice, it can affect only internet connected computers–which everyone use today. Once installed, it allows remote access of your system to attacker.

One of the high-profile victim of Blackshades:

The high-profile “sextortion” case of Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA, who was a victim of the Blackshades RAT, brought this particular underworld tool to the public’s attention, but there are many more. Wolf was sent an anonymous extortion e-mail message that threatened to post nude images of her that were captured from her webcam by a remote hacker — a hacker who turned out to be a former schoolmate.

Things you MUST know about RAT:

What do you think– RAT is illegal, No actually it is legal, but it depends on the way how you use it, RATs are also used by IT departments to help support users, but Blackshades had various tools which could allow a remote user to record keystrokes to steal your passwords, activate webcam silently to take pictures and video of victims and encrypt data files so that users would have to pay a ransom to regain access.

How Hackers install RATs on victims’ machine?

Hackers basically use email scam or their favourite social website Facebook to insert a link, upon clicking the link on email or social accounts a file will be downloaded to machine and will install without user’s knowledge.

What should you do to save your system from any Malware or RATs?

One of the most important thing before you using a system is–Always keep the Latest updates of your Antivirus and system must use an Antivirus program to protect the system, below are the three Antiviruses we find according to research and popularity, you can buy anyone for your system:

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Possible Indicators that your system is infected by Blackshades or any other RAT:

  • Webcam Indicator Lights turn on automatically when you are not using it.
  • Mouse cursors move erratically by themselves.
  • System Display goes dark by itself while you are using it
  • Text-based chat windows that appear unexpectedly.
  • Inaccessible computer files that ask for an encryption key.

You should also cross check one more thing, go to your Windows Registry (type regedit in cmd) and find a random string of letters and numbers that include the subkey of “SrvID.”

If you are system is running slow, taking too much time while start-up, Having problems–when you try to begin surfing the Web, or you find something unusual while working on your system, so don’t ignore these symptoms.

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