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BforceSSH 0.2 – SSH password authentification bruteforcer

SSH bruteforcer coded in python

-=[ bforce_ssh 0.2 ]=-

Usage: bforce_ssh [options]
-h hostname:port Hostname of the host (default port: 22).
-H filename Hostname list file.
-u username Username to use.
-p password Password to use.
-i filename Key file to use.
-U filename User list file.
-P filename Password list file.
-c filename Combo user:password list file.
-v Be verbose.

The bruteforcer needs the python paramiko library to run and it will probably not be installed on your target. You obviously do not want to install it on the target system. The best way is to establish a socks proxy to your end point and "socksify" bforce_ssh. OpenSSH provides a convenient way to create the proxy and torify (from TOR) to "socksify" the connections.


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