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Automater – IP & URL OSINT Tool For Analysis

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Automater is a URL/Domain, IP Address, and Md5 Hash OSINT tool aimed at making the analysis process easier for intrusion Analysts. Given a target (URL, IP, or HASH) or a file full of targets Automater will return relevant results from sources like the following:,,,,,, ThreatExpert, VxVault, and VirusTotal.

By default, if Automater does not find data available it will not submit the target to that site to get data. If you would like Automater to use an HTTP POST to send target data to a source like IPVoid or URLVoid use –p

There are also new output methods. –o will output to a file in the same format that is printed to screen, -c will output a csv, and –w will output an html file.


It does take Automater a little longer to run then it used to. That is because a delay of 2 seconds between requests was implemented to ensure sources don’t get overloaded. You can modify this delay with a –d .

Automater is now very easily extensible even for those that are not familiar with python. All the sources that are queried and what they are queried for are contained in sites.xml. This must be in the same directory as and all the other .py’s that Automater ships with.

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You can download Automater here:

Or read more here.

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