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Published on May 12th, 2013 📆 | 5612 Views ⚑


AttackVector Linux
Linux distro for anonymized penetration based on Kali and TAILS    

AttackVector Linux is a new distribution for anonymized penetration and security. It is based on Kali and TAILS, which are both based on Debian. While Kali requires a modified kernel for network drivers to use injection and so forth, the Tor Project's TAILS is designed from the bottom up for encryption, and anonymity. Nmap can't UDP via Tor. The intention of AttackVector Linux is to provide the capability to anonymize attacks while warning the user when he or she takes actions that may compromize anonymity. The two projects have different design philosophies that can directly conflict with one another. In spite of this, the goal of AttackVector Linux is to integrate them complementarily into one OS. 


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