Cyber Attack | Data Breach

Published on January 31st, 2016 📆 | 2529 Views ⚑


Armenian Hackers DDoS Azerbaijani Government Portals, Leak A Trove of Data

The cyber war between Armenians and Azerbaijani hackers seems never ending — Like this recent cyber attack in which the Armenian hackers from The Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) hacked Azerbaijani government portals and stole sensitive data. 

The Armenian hackers from Monte Melkonian Cyber Army (MMCA) are back in action and this time with yet another cyber attack on Azerbaijani government servers. The MMCA hackers have conducted a sophisticated cyber attack on Azerbaijani government portals by using their DDoSing and hacking skills to celebrate the Armenian Army day.

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The attack was conducted on 28th January in which the hackers shut down the E-Government Portal (, Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan ( and the official Internet resource of the State Bodies (

Screenshot from the time when the targeted sites were down.


MMCA then breached into the server of Civil Service Commission ( that works under the under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and leaked login credentials of thousands of registered users. After scanning the data, we have found it to be legit and never been leaked on the Internet before.

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The leaked data contains names, emails with encrypted passwords of 5960 Azerbaijani citizens.

Screenshot from the leaked data

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