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Published on April 21st, 2013 📆 | 6020 Views ⚑


AppUse – Android Pentest Platform Unified Standalone Environment

AppSec Labs recently developed the AppUse Virtual Machine. This system is a unique, free, platform for mobile application security testing in the android environment, and it includes unique custom-made tools created by AppSec Labs.

There is no need for installation of simulators and testing tools, no need for SSL certificates of the proxy software, everything comes straight out of the box pre-installed and configured for an ideal user experience.Security experts who have seen the machine were very excited, calling it the next ‘BackTrack’ (a famous system for testing security problems), specifically adjusted for android application security testing. 

AppUse VM closes gaps in the world of security, now there is a special and customized testing environment for android applications. 

This machine is intended for the daily use of security testers everywhere for Android applications, and is a must-have tool for any security person. 


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