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Apple’s OS X comes out as most vulnerable software of 2015
In a study conducted by CVE Details, the most vulnerable software of the previous year has been identified as Apple’s OS X and the tech-giant is also the company with most bugs.

With 2016 coming, people in all sectors have been busy summarizing 2015 with reports and lists of who have been the winners and who have been the losers. The tech experts and security personnel have been at it too, with CVE Details producing a list of most vulnerable software of the past year.

Many would have expected the list to be topped by Adobe Flash, for the software had reported a number of zero days right from the beginning of 2015. However, the final list took everyone by surprise, for it was Apple’s OS X that came out as the most vulnerable software of 2015. What was more shocking was that Adobe Flash didn’t even make it to second place, for that spot was taken by iOS, another Apple product.

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CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a vulnerability identifying the body which is used by app developers, security researchers as well as security firms all over the world. The list produced is based on reports filed by cyber-security firms, independent researchers, as well as the software creators, who asked for CVE identifiers.


The list was published by CVE Details, which is a website that serves as a repository of security vulnerabilities according to their CVE identifiers. Their report also shows Apple was the company in whose products the highest number of bugs (654) were discovered in 2015. IBM, the leader of this not-so-lucrative race in 2014, has improved markedly, as it fell down to the 7th place this time around.

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The news comes as a shock to people all over the world, be it Apple developers and researchers, Macbook and iPhone users, or the rest of the world. Apple’s OS X and their iOS have always been marketed as highly immune to threats and attacks. However, one of the foremost authorities on finding out security vulnerabilities in software says otherwise, with Apple’s OS X and iOS being the most and second-most vulnerable software of 2015 respectively.

The OS X reported a staggering 384 bugs this past year while Apple’s iOS reported the next highest number of bugs with 375. Adobe, everyone’s expected leader, sits safely at 316, much behind OS X’s tally. So much for Apple’s security reputation.

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