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Published on January 10th, 2016 📆 | 5938 Views ⚑


Anonymous Targets Nigerian Government Sites, Wages War Against Corruption

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Appalled by Corruption, Theft & Poverty- Anonymous Declares Cyberwar against Nigerian Government

Anonymous, infamous hacktivist group having footprints around the world, has waged a cyber war against the Nigerian government.

On Friday, the group’s Nigeria division announced in an online post that they are ”tired” of the relentless corruption, poverty and theft prevailing in Nigeria and has vowed to fight it out in open.

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The hacktivist group also urged its followers to dig out Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory Administration, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Justice, Ministries websites.

These four abovementioned websites went offline on Friday afternoon. In all caps, the post from Anonymous stated:

“Let them see we have Anonymous Nigeria. They should have expected us.”


The campaign (read cyberwar) dubbed as “Operation Nigeria” is apparently the result of rampant poverty, unemployment, corruption, impunity, poor health care and illiteracy that haunts this country.

The hackers collective stated that this DDoS attack was more of a warning for Nigerian government since the worst was yet to come.

The group threatened the government that it would leak crucial confidential data if officials fail to address the grievances.

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Anonymous hasn’t attacked Nigeria for the first time. In 2013, an Irish hacker claiming to be part of the group took down the official government’s website to force it to pass a law sentencing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for a maximum of 14 years.

In 2012, Nigerian assembly website was also hacked by LulzSec

In 2012, Anonymous’ Nigerian division threatened of cyber assault against the government if its demand to end violence against protestors not met.

Anonymous has always promoted it as a global hacktivist collective crusading for justice. Just a couple of days ago, Anonymous hacked 14 Thai government websites against Thai Police’s flawed murder investigation.

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