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Anonymous leak email and passwords of Baltimore Police Officials involved in Freddie Gray’s death

Anonymous leak email and passwords for Baltimore Police officers involved in the custodial death of Freddie Gray<1Ukyigpl.jpgh1>
The online hacktivist group, Anonymous has leaked the passwords to the emails of six police officials involved in the death of 25 year old Freddie Gray, who was killed in Baltimore police custody. Anonymous had already made public, a cache of emails and IP addresses for some Internet services used by the Baltimore Police Department on Saturday.



All the emails and passwords belong to the police officers except one, which belongs to Lisa Evans, who is a lead wellness manager at City of Baltimore, according to her LinkedIn profile (the Paste containing the emails and passwords has since been deleted from Pastebin)

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In a separate tweet, Anonymous have warned Baltimore PD of further cyber attacks


#Baltimore<1Ukyigpl.jpga> we got ya back. Anon troops have been deployed and landed in Baltimore. We are here. Baltimore PD you should have expected us.

— Anonymous (@AnonymousGlobo) May 3, 2015<1Ukyigpl.jpga><1Ukyigpl.jpgblockquote>

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