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Published on April 1st, 2014 📆 | 8389 Views ⚑


Agnitio v2.1 Released – Manual Security Code Review Tool

A tool to help developers and security professionals conduct manual security code reviews in a consistent and repeatable way. Agnitio aims to replace the adhoc nature of manual security code review documentation, create an audit trail and reporting.

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Agnitio - Security Code Review

The major changes in v2.1 are listed below:

  • Windows x64 support
  • Automatically decompile Android .apk application to easily analyse the apps source code
  • Application profiles now have an application type of either web or mobile which allows only relevant checklist items to be displayed during the security code review
  • Create new checklist questions and mark them as web or mobile
  • C# and Java rules from the OWASP Code Crawler project have been imported into the Agnitio database and linked to relevant checklist questions

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You can download Agnitio v2.1 here:

x64 – Agnitio
x86 – Agnitio

Or read more here.

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