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Published on September 21st, 2022 📆 | 6594 Views ⚑


Abu Dhabi launches campaign to boost cybersecurity awareness in Abu Dhabi


The awareness campaign was launched last month under the theme ‘Cybersecurity Starts with You’, highlighting the importance of engaging all users in an effort to protect from digital threats and attacks. Such risks are on the rise, necessitating the need for better awareness and cybersafety.

In September, the campaign is tackling password safety under the themse ‘Your Password is Your Shield’. In October, the campaign will focus on data protection under the theme ‘Protect your Data’, which will highlight data privacy. Users will also be cautioned against sharing personal data with others as a means to protect against hacking, which may cause users material, financial, personal or social harm.

The campaign will conclude in November after discussing the various forms of cyberattack. Under the theme ‘Don’t Be a Victim of Social Engineering Attacks’, experts will discuss how hackers and cyber criminals use a series of techniques to gather confidential and personal information, then use it to commit online fraud thueft.

Dr Mohamed Al Askar, ADDA director, said the ongoing awareness campaign is an essential component of the cybersecurity strategy in Abu Dhabi, and it aims to create a secure digital environment based on the best global practices in this field.

“We must work to develop the sense of cyber responsibility, among government employees in particular, in order to protect the country’s resources, and ensure the security of governmental and non-governmental data. Cyber maturity can help ward off the risks of cyber-attacks and the reduction of losses caused by hackers,” said Amna Al Blooki, director of cyber security regulation and compliance at the ADDA.

Al Blooki said the ADDA has prepared toolkits with flyers, videos and other information to be shared with government employees.

“We have worked to prepare awareness materials in a way that covers various topics related to cybersecurity, including passwords, data privacy, social engineering and more, to suit targeted audiences. We will also publish a series of cyber tips across various social media platforms and radio stations, and will also organise events and community activities to ensure that the campaign messages reach the largest possible audience,” she said.

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