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    Hello Guys! I have a Toshiba 1.0 TB external HDD which I’d like to create a 100 GB partition and install Kali Linux on it in my HP Pavilion core i7 for dual boot. After installing Kali Linux on the 100 GB partition, I want to leave the rest of the space usable by Windows(main OS)….every time I select a partition inside the Kali Linux Installer, for some reason it ends up taking the entire External HDD space

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    Go to control panel

    Select System and Security

    Select Create and Format Hard Disk Partions

    Select the Toshiba drive and assuming that it is already formatted to use with windows shrink the size of the partition by 100GB

    Reboot and launch the Kali Installer

    You should now be able to select the 100GB free space for the install (It might ask to just use largest portion of free space if it is 100 GB use that option).

    I’m pretty sure that is all of the steps. This is all from memory setting up the dual boot on my laptop a little over a year ago.

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    cmon bro, u got this… make that partition. Add that letter assignment. I believe in u

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    IF you are using VMware, you can load Kali Linux on to your host machine and move the files on to the HD. Or, your can load kali on the external HD when you install it.

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    Learned this from a college professor. Never use Kali Linux. Just having Kali can get you into trouble in court as it’s make for hacking. Use Ubuntu instead. They both are based off of Debian so you can you all of the tools Kali has on Ubuntu.

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