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3vilTwinAttacker – Create Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point and Snooping on the Traffic

This tool create an rogue Wi-Fi access point , purporting to provide wireless Internet services, but snooping on the traffic.
Software dependencies:
  • Recommended to use Kali linux.
  • Ettercap.
  • Sslstrip.
  • Airbase-ng include in aircrack-ng.
  • DHCP.
  • Nmap.

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Install DHCP in Debian-based


$ sudo apt-get install isc-dhcp-server

Kali linux

$ echo "deb wheezy main " >> /etc/apt/sources.list
$ apt-get update && apt-get install isc-dhcp-server

Install DHCP in redhat-based


$ sudo yum install dhcp

Tools Options:


Etter.dns: Edit etter.dns to loading module dns spoof.
Dns Spoof: Start dns spoof attack in interface ath0 fake AP.
Ettercap: Start ettercap attack in host connected AP fake Capturing login credentials.
Sslstrip: The sslstrip listen the traffic on port 10000.
Driftnet: The driftnet sniffs and decodes any JPEG TCP sessions, then displays in an window.



Deauth Attack: kill all devices connected in AP (wireless network) or the attacker can Also put the Mac-address in the Client field, Then only one client disconnects the access point.
Probe Request: Probe request capture the clients trying to connect to AP,Probe requests can be sent by anyone with a legitimate Media Access Control (MAC) address, as association to the network is not required at this stage.
Mac Changer: you can now easily spoof the MAC address. With a few clicks, users will be able to change their MAC addresses.
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Device FingerPrint: list devices connected the network mini fingerprint, is information collected about a local computing device.

Video Demo


Download 3vilTwinAttacker

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