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🔥SAPPCHAIN – The World’s First Decentralized End-To-End Encrypted Messaging App.

The creation of the world wide web and the social component enabled people to step one step higher in terms of culture, civilization and the public.

Today, billions of people communicate, correspond with each other, or simply express their thoughts. It is great that humanity was able to simplify communication with each other regardless of distance.

However, over the past few years we have seen that the influence of some influential resources and platforms has begun to increase, and the Internet is becoming more and more centralized and controlled.
This applies not only to ordinary users, but also to campaigns and enterprises that store their personal data on some centralized servers, transmit important information on these sites and risk being intercepted.

Now, technology has taken a step forward, and we have seen the world's first peer-to-peer applications like Telegram. However, to ensure the highest security, blockchain technology is an uninterrupted leader among all.

Thus, the SappChain development team decided to provide us with a universal solution, thanks to which every person in the world can not worry that his important information will be intercepted by someone, and the business of the company will be able to transfer the campaign secrets without fear of their theft.

SappChain is a worldwide decentralized solution based on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and end-to-end encrypted anonymous information sharing. Campaign technology is not only information transfer, but also peer-to-peer transfer of funds and cryptocurrency.

The main mission of the project is to create a convenient, easy-to-use and high-speed solution for the exchange of any information so that this product could potentially prove itself to a huge number of people.
So, why Sappchain?
1. Sappchat app is a free;
2. Decentralized, private and secure ecosystem;
3. Sappchain app is a blockchain controlled. Only you will own your data;
4. Multi-Device Support;
5. Impeccable Business Solution.

The project provides a really useful product, which in the near future will be very popular among people, as the application will be completely safe, confidential and unique in its own way.

More in this video review.

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